You won't want to miss Gubba's

7 Year Partnerversary!

  • Cakes From Roy's Cake Shop
  • Limited Edition Gubba 7 Year Bobblehead Perk!
  • Signed 1st Edition Memoir (Only 10 Available)
  • Party Board With Prizes
  • Community Games & Giveaways
  • And So Much More...

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What others are saying about GubbaTV:

She is a master at streaming.

Arguably the best streamer ever, actually undoubtedly the best streamer ever. GubLibrarian is my inspiration for everything, just look at my picture. Definitely prepare for some gubGers and laughs when you tune into Gubba.

KIM ROSS  //  Media Mogul

Gubba's streams just hit different. 

I tuned in once to troll Gubba and she ended up trolling me! I proceeded to get my 4chan homies to come join me in trolling. One by one they dropped out of chat, defeated by Gubba's superior trolling power. Come check out the random shenanigans this social media warrior dishes.

Slipfue  //  CEO Of Slip Ent.