Living Homemade, Self-Reliant, and Improvised

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Following a trail blazed by my great-grandparents, who, in search of a better life, moved out west to settle and live on raw land

Welcome to my Homestead Journey

I'm a simple person who enjoys solving problems on my homestead and making it more self-sufficient. I grew up in a town near the homestead of my great great grandparents, who created a large cattle ranch on their land. I went off to college, and then to a job in the city, hoping for a more fulfilling life. Now I'm back to slow-paced living—and 20 miles from the nearest town (it's small)!

I live in an old farmhouse on 38 acres. I currently rely on traditional services for everything, but my goal is to become 100% self-sufficient. I'm raising animals for meat & poultry, tilling the land to produce fruits and vegetables, and modifying the property to provide water, heat and shelter. My Homestead Shop will be equipped with all the tools and implements I need to make repairs and complete DIY projects during the long cold winters and short hot summers here.

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