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Hi, I'm Gubba

Welcome to my homestead. I'm happy you stopped in to visit. My goal is to make this site tranquil and welcoming, like a house in the country where the doors are never locked... friends and family drop in to say Hello anytime day or evening.

On my farm, I grow vegetables in the garden, nurture animals in the pastures, hand-pump water from the well, and warm my house with wood from a nearby forest. Everything is pesticide free, as organic as a newborn baby.

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My Wholesome Homestead

I live on 38 acres in an old farmhouse.

I rely on traditional services for many things, but I will soon be 100% self-sufficient, producing my own meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, and honey (with help from the bees!).

My homestead shop, although currently in a state of disrepair, will evolve into a first rate workshop. It will support my DIY projects and enable farm repairs during the long cold winters and short hot summers here.

I'm a 5th generation homesteader on both sides of the family. My forebears eked out a grim existence on the windswept, barren prairies, where they established the largest sheep and cattle operations in their regions.

Their gardens produced an assortment of fruit and vegetables rivaled only by the local grocery store I shopped in before moving here. They picked berries in summer and canned food in fall to carry them through long, frigid winters.

The toxic city life

In middle school one day, my teacher played a documentary about animals suffering in mass-production food farms.

I went home and vowed to closely inspect package labels on the food products I consume. I became consciously more aware. 

While trying not to ingest animal products from corporate meat farms, I discovered the dark dingy underworld that lurks backstage in the profit-hungry food production industry.

Ingredient labels told a grim story—and led me to believe that most of us die unnatural deaths after a lifetime of blindly consuming the toxins in processed food.

I read about the Hunza people, who inhabit a remote region of Northern Pakistan. They live to be over 100 and are free of cancer and heart disease. Their diet consists mainly of raw fruits and vegetables cultivated locally.

The Hunza valley is high in the mountains, so the Hunza get lots of exercise negotiating trails on steep ridges. In addition to exercise, they eat only locally produced food.

Sound familiar? Yup it's the homestead life for sure—working long hours and consuming home-grown food.

This wholesome way of life starkly contrasts life in the city, where cancer and heart disease prevail as the leading causes of death.

The Healthy Homestead Vision

In 2021, with the pandemic raging across the planet, I left city life for the country.

I bought a 1940 farmhouse on 38 acres of land. From sharing hand-me-down family recipes and gardening projects, I quickly transitioned to more traditional homesteading topics, and now I'm totally immersed in sharing my homegrown, DIY, off-grid life.

If you join me on my homestead journey, you'll likely discover that you are hooked on this lifestyle. Not only is it a new way to live; it's a hobby to get passionate about.

You'll look forward to making bread from scratch, collecting eggs from the chicken house, planting new seed variants, canning vegetables nurtured from the garden, and reviving cast-iron recipes from a worn hand-me-down cookbook.

Immersed in a DIY project, hard labor becomes fun, and the hours pass like minutes, leaving you in the field without a jacket when the sun drops below the horizon.

ToDo List items no longer haunt you with unknown challenges; they just get done and marked COMPLETE.

We are the DIY neighbors, the Mason jar fanatics, the raised planter extremists, the home remedy aficionados, the cast-iron kitchen junkies.

We seek a self-sustained life through modern homesteading, DIY, and improvised living. Will you come along and join us?

Let's be neighbors

Friends and family share natural medicine remedies, food preservation strategies, garden techniques, animal stewardship methods, and hand-me-down kitchen recipes. They are sounding boards for victories and defeats on the homestead battlefront. They lend an ear of support when things get bad, or share in the happiness when life is good! Come join us!