Hello and welcome back to the Gubba podcast! I’m Gubba, a first time homesteader following in the footsteps of my homesteading forbears. In this podcast I discuss prepping, homesteading, and everything in between.

Today I am going to be discussing prepping for the new world order and societal collapse. I know, this is a heavy topic, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea to ever start prepping and learning a bit more about what is going on in the world.

What is the WEF?

I'm not sure if you have heard the phrase "You will own nothing and be happy." This stinky phrase originates from a concept promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The World Economic Forum is where global leaders, business executives, and other influential figures discuss economic and societal issues. Essentially, it's a bunch of paid-off people with agendas who don't actually represent real people like me and you.

What does the WEF talk about?

Here are some creepy narratives and ideas that have been praised and pushed for by the WEF to give you a better idea of what's going on: 1) Infiltrating and bringing down governments. Klaus Schwab the WEF leader, the "eat ze bugs" guy said that governments are no longer the dominant actors on the worlds stage and that the time has come for a new stakeholder paradigm of international governance.

Schwab also discussed how the world leaders like Putin and Trudeau are well-known to the WEF as in they intermingle often and their cabinets are are representatives sold to the WEFs agenda. Like, he blatantly admitted this. This isnt a conspiracy yall.

So the WEF does want to overthrow the world governments, and that might sound like a great idea but let's look at other things the WEF promotes: Controlling minds using sound waves. Yes, this was brought up, Pills that contain microchips, the WEF praised massive lockdowns, they want to recalibrate freedom of speech, whatever that means, have your clothing tracked, smartphones being in your body by 2030, and the lovely "you will own nothing and be happy" which goes along with the WEF looked at the pandemic as an opportunity for a great reset.

Yall, listen to me. These things are directly said in their conferences and talked about. I'm not just pulling this out of a magic hat for today's podcast. There are creeps on a high world level coming for you, your family, your freedom, and your happiness. What I find interesting is that this information is being scrubbed from the internet and it becomes more difficult to find.

What spurred me into my great awakening in 2020 and waking up to the reality of the world was actually a documentary. You can no longer find that documentary. I remember watching it and my mind was blown. My reality was shattered and when you have your reality shattered, you move through a deconstruction era where you have to deconstruct yourself, your thinking, and recalibrate yourself. I showed the documentary to my family immediately and they thought i was NUTS.

They genuinely thought I was crazy. Now, 4 years later, they realize that documentary was truth and that truth continues to unfold before us. It has been scrubbed. They, the ominous THEY, do not want you wake up. Who knows, maybe this podcast episode will be scrubbed too. Back to the WEF and the Great Reset.

The Great Reset is a proposal for a global economic and societal overhaul in response to various challenges such as climate change, inequality, and technological disruption. Let’s be real though, this is all just a front for control. The families who run the world use scary agendas like “climate change” to push through mandates that take away our freedoms.

When these people say “You will own nothing and be happy” they mean it. You really will own nothing. I mean, we technically don’t really own anything anyways if you think about it so what they are purposing is much more nefarious. In 1984 by George Orwell warns us about giving up our freedoms for the illusions of happiness.

I think this is a wonderful book and if you are listening to this podcast, you should read this book. This book isn’t about a dystopian future, it is about our current existence.

What is a great reset?

The idea behind "You will own nothing and be happy" suggests a future where we will have access to goods and services without the need for ownership. Think about that. I don’t understand how people think this is a good idea that a government or system is in control of everything.

I think people don’t understand that the system is ran by imperfect people, so it will never be perfect no matter how great the idea sounds. This idea of owning nothing does sound like absolute trash, but that is what we are being pushed towards.

This vision often involves concepts like the sharing economy, where people rent or share resources instead of owning them outright, as well as advancements in technology that enable greater efficiency and resource allocation. And when I say resource allocation, I mean a bureau that comes by your house and says, “hey, you don’t really need this though you worked for it and created it yourself. We know what is better, so we will take it and give to someone else or just take for ourselves. Because we know better.” How can anyone get behind this?

Advocates of this concept argue that reducing individual ownership can lead to greater sustainability, reduce waste, and foster a more equitable distribution of resources. All of this in turn for bending over and handing over what freedom we have. We hand over our freedoms so easily when we are told it is for the benefit of the greater good.

Who gets to decide what the greater good is? 

Sadly, it is the people who run the world. And the truth is, their greater good is an agenda. And critics, myself included, raise concerns about potential loss of privacy and freedoms. Why do we need a greater power making decisions for us? I think this boils down to human psychology.

The Grand Inquisitor in the book The Brother’s Karamazov makes a great point on this. Basically, the Grand Inquisitor is a parable. It was so monumental for me when I read it, that I re-read it and called my parents and read it to them over the phone because they had to hear it. In this parable, the Grand Inquisitor accuses Jesus of burdening humanity with freedom, arguing that people are incapable of handling the responsibility that comes with it.

He suggests that instead of freedom, people crave security and comfort. And the Grand Inquisitor describes how he has established a society where people relinquish their freedom in exchange for bread, implying that they are willing to give up their autonomy for the sake of material sustenance. And I think this parable hit the nail right on the head.

Generally, people are willing to give up their free-will for comfort. They would rather give what they have made, in this case bread, to a power like the government and have the government give their bread back to them. This is where we are at in society, so it is difficult to function when you are surrounded by people who prefer the illusion of happiness over freedoms and autonomy.

This parable was a pivotal read for me in my life because it gave me a new view on mankind and our wills. I would suggest both 1984 and The Grand Inquisitor as reads for anyone interesting in the reality of the world. Once you have insight on the world, you can plan and prepare accordingly.

So now that we know, I would say a majority of the population has no problem handing over freedoms, what exactly do you prepare for?

Well, let’s take 2020 as a case study. We had a mysterious pandemic erupt then we were told to stay home for two weeks. Then we were told to wear a mask and if we didn’t wear a mask, we weren’t allowed in places. Some of those businesses didn’t agree with this but the government enforced these policies. I remember being at the gym and the government official walking around with the gym owner ensuring that as soon as everyone got off of their machine, they put their mask back on.

Just think about that for a moment, was that for our health? Or for control? So if you’re on the machine, it’s okay and not a public health hazard to not wear a mask but if you are off of the machine, it suddenly is. There was no proof that masks worked or that six feet was somehow the safe distance, but these two things were used as a means for separating people and causing discord.

I remember people fighting at the stores over masks, people following you around if it was below your nose, and so on. It’s important to know that people love scenarios like this because it gives the everyday joe a chance to exert power and dominance over other men.

This is another psychological thing about humans. When they get a little power, it goes to their heads. So the door watcher at Walmart, is now a member of the thought police from 1984 and will harass you relentlessly if a piece of fabric is below your nose. Our fellow men love having dominion over each other, keep that in mind. Know that the people who run the world love causing chaos and disharmony between our fellow men.

If we banded together as a collective people, we are a threat, so they ensure we are constantly bombarded with things that divide us. Masks/no mask. Back The Blue/Anti-Police, left vs right and so on.

A divided people are easy to conquer. It is important to understand these things when it comes to prepping, so you can grasp the human mind during stressful worldly scenarios. Think for a moment, how did the people around you survive during the chaos of 2020? Thankfully, 2020 was a big wake-up call to many.

So now that you are thinking about the human min, consider what is going to happen next time when the world leaders come together and say, due to global warming, you are not allowed to drive more than 15 minutes a day. We have a major greenhouse gas crisis and in order to save the planet, we need to limit your driving.

Control scenarios are always presented as a big problem that can only be solved if we come together as the governing body says we need to come together. In 2020, it was to stay home, wear a mask, and get an injection. Many people went with it and got violent if you did not. This will be the same when (and I mean WHEN) the next scenario rolls out under a guise of having to sacrifice some freedoms for a better tomorrow. That tomorrow will never come folks, and it is important to know this.

I was a bit blindsided by 2020. I still watched a bit of the news then, I tracked the initial outbreak of this “virus” and I still remember sitting with a friend on the floor at my house and I asked if she was going to stock up on food.

She said no, and I said that I thought it was a good idea because I thought it was going to get crazy. Before the chaos, I went and loaded up on toilet paper at Costco.

I had a whole cart full. Because I thought, okay, if the world is going to break down, what is a commodity people will want but don’t realize? And it actually is laughable that toilet paper got wiped from the shelves after this. This is so embarrassing, but when rona was initially rolling out, I wore a mask and gloves. People walked by and laughed. I stocked up because I felt like something was coming down the pipes.

Something did come down the pipes, and it was way different than I expected but it woke me up to the reality of the world. My same friend went and panic-bought when everyone else was. I went to the stores and remember the empty shelves, people fighting over last bags of beans and genuinely empty freezers, shelves, and fridges. The stores were barren. And I thought to myself, I will never ever be caught having to depend on unreliable grocery stores and that’s really where my prepping and food storage kicked into full gear.

What are items to prep?

So in this scenario, food and common commodities like toothpaste, deodorant, and toilet paper were a great thing to stock up on. But how do you prepare for an agenda that says you will own nothing and be happy? Well, you start learning skills. You start learning how to grow a garden. You start learning how to forage the area you are around. You start learning how to butcher meat from wild game and fish. You start learning how to preserve and process your own food. But, you also need to learn how to blend in.

Now that we have further explored some world scenarios and the human psychy, let’s discuss few ways you can prepare for the collapse of our current world and a transition into the New World Order, or another Great Reset. A great reset is just that, society gets a reset, freedoms are handed over, and those who don’t comply, well, you get reset whether you like it or not.

I won’t dive super far into it on this episode, but this won’t be the world’s first great reset. Look into the city fires of every major city in the 1800s here in the United States. Most major cities also have underground tunnels and old cities. Our history is a lot more complex but it gives us a blue print for what is soon to be coming down the pipes with the New World Order.

Preparing for the next world collapse needs to start today. Go to your kitchen and look around. How long could you and your family survive if the grocery stores collapsed again? There are many resets that countries go through. Venezuela, Germany, Russia even. I recently met someone at a coffee shop who talked about how they were in Russia during their communist reset in the 90s and the grocery stores were an all-day event.

You would wait in line to get in, then wait in multiple lines inside. One for butter, one for milk, etc. At lunchtime, you were kicked out then had to get in line again. He said the grandmas would be slinging stuff on the street just to make ends meat. Don’t be caught having to wait in a line. Start building your food storage. Make it a priority. Utilize space around your home to start storing food. Clean your space then start storing what you can.

How to build a food storage? How to garden?

The problem with a food storage is that I mean, it could eventually run out depending on how much you store, what you store, and how it is stored. That’s why you need to learn how to grow a garden.

Start small, utilize vertical space on your patio or deck. Know how to cultivate seeds. Get hardback copies of gardening books for your zone, so you can reference them if the power goes down. Today, the time I am recording this, there were major cell phone and internet outages.

Don’t rely on the internet for your knowledge. Get some hard copies of resources. I have a food storage and a garden planner than can help you organize your food storage and garden planning. If gardening is not an option, try to build an extensive food storage with compact foods which would be freeze-dried foods or those military bars that are massive caloric intakes but are small in size.

Make sure you have bug-out bags packed. Which are bags you can grab in a minute’s notice if there is an emergency. Think about the people in Hawaii who had a minute’s notice to evacuate. Why didn’t the blue umbrellas burn and why haven’t the people been allowed back? Interesting things to ponder and consider when it comes to preparing for the future of our world.

How to blend in during an emergency?

An important thing to keep in mind when preparing for whatever event comes down the pipes is to blend in. You want people to think you are just as down and out as they are.

They didn’t care to prep. I get comments like this all of the time where people are like “eh, I would just rather die than live in anxiety like you.” Those same people will have severe anxiety when grocery store shelves are empty again and their will to live will kick in and they will turn into animals.

You need to appear like you didn’t prep either. Look disheveled. Smell bad. Better yet, don’t communicate with people around you if you don’t have to. Less communication the better. If one person sniffs out that you have resources, soon their grandma and second cousin will also be reaching out to you.

This all falls in line with yes, have lighting prepared like flashlights, headlamps, and candles but do not have lights on at night. Say the grid does go down. Do not be a beacon of light. People will flock to you and you will reveal that you have prepped.

What is FEMA?

What do you do when the FEMA officers roll around? You know the government group that comes and puts people into camps during emergencies. Well, learn their routes and become inaccessible. In my opinion, they have no right to force people from their homes. But again, in emergencies people become animalistic and love exercising power and control over others. Figure out how you can personally navigate that. But this is something to keep in mind. Be able to disappear in a moment’s notice. I don’t want to be drug to some jam-packed stinky government camp at gun point, do you? There are stories of this from Hurricane Katrina by the way.

How to prep my car?

On a note of leaving your home and bug out bags, have your car prepared. Do you have tools in there for shelter, first aid, and general protection? What you use for protection is up to you. If you need to bug out, is your car full of gas and ready to go? Do you have physical maps with locations picked out to meet family or friends to go off-grid? Make your plans now.

Truly, the future is unknown, but with the history we have, even as recent as 2020. We know that the people pulling the strings are much more malicious and full of mal intent than we even realize. The best we can do is start preparing our homes to the best of our capability. I would also suggest to turn off the news, stop letting the TV control you. In the book 1984, they were required to have the TV on at all times. Turn that thing off and start focusing on yourself.

I hope that this episode got the wheels spinning in your mind to think about world events in a different manner than how they are presented on the box in the living room. Prepare yourself now, so you don’t have to live in anxiety during the next world catastrophe. Thank you for listening and ill see you next time!

Prepping For The Great Reset & Societal Collapse

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