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I’m Gubba, a first time homesteader folllowing in the footsteps of my homesteading forbears. In this podcast I discuss prepping, homesteading, and everything in between. Today I’m going to be discussing food storage and why it is more critical now more than ever to have a food storage. Along the way, I’m going to be giving you tips on how to build a food storage for you and your family.

How do you build a food storage?

I know that building a food storage can be overwhelming especially when you have social media and it is so easy to compare to others and what they have. Don’t worry though because I am here to help. It has been a hot minute since my last podcast. And that is because my time has been consumed in building my latest project: my brand new food storage course!

Yes, I made a Gubba Homestead course that is created with you in mind and designed to help you efficiently build a food storage. It is filled with wisdom and tips I wish I had when I started building my food storage. Essentially, I started making food storage tip videos that were going viral on TikTok and you had so many questions for me, I would address them in another video but then I quickly realized that wasn’t an efficient way to keep up with all of the tips. I personally would feel overwhelmed gathering tidbits of information here and there and would prefer to have all of my resources in one place, so that is why I created the Homestead Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage. I am so incredibly excited about it. People are enrolling now, and if you enroll right now I have two free ebooks with it—my favorite pickled recipe booklet and my food storage downloadable. You can check it out in the show notes. If you happen to enroll, please let me know what you think by sending me an email. I love hearing from you and getting to know the Gubba Homestead community. 

What is a food storage?

Whenever I share food storage tips online, I am met with comments like “Only in America” or “this is a waste of money” or “this is selfish feed people who need it.” I am here to tell you that responsibly building a food storage for your family is not selfish, building a food storage is not only for Americans, and building a food storage is not a waste of money, in fact, it is a great investment for your money.

Let’s talk about the “Only in America” comment. Recently, I did an interview with another British newspapers about my food storage. If you didn’t see, Daily Mail wrote an article about me and my food storage and it so happened that another outlet reached out me. People in Europe are perplexed by food storage. The person interviewing me told me that it isn’t a thing over in the UK because land isn’t accessible and it just isn’t common. First of all, I wouldn’t want to live someone small and condense like the UK, but if I did, that would be all the more reason to prep! When I brought up the food shortages and especially the increase in food prices, she said they are seeing it there too. I’ve also received comments from people all the way in New Zealand and Australia saying they are seeing an increase in food prices and egg shortages. So if this is happening around the world, why aren’t more people prepping and building a food storage? Many Americans do prep and I’m sure that narrative is taken and spun on the world news media to make Americans look crazy, as that is the narrative they are usually pushing. If people think we are crazy, they wouldn’t want to prep. An unprepared people are an easy to control population, keep that in mind.

How do you start prepping?

My point here is that prepping is for everyone, regardless of where you live. Take your individual situations into mind and remember that grocery stores are not a reliable food system. We saw them break in 2020 and every time an emergency disaster rolls around, they are wiped clean. Don’t subject yourself and your family to food shortages or even increasing prices. The person I spoke to in the UK said they are seeing an increase in price of goods as well. Food storage is a good investment. This isn’t financial advice, but you can beat inflation by building a food storage. You end up spending less in fuel and if you buy in bulk and store for later, you save yourself for when the prices go up. You can stock up on all of the items or ammo you want, but in the end you can’t eat ammo or matches or batteries, you need food and water to survive.

What do you prep for?

When Venezuela collapsed, people had to wait in lines miles long to get a loaf of bread. Not only that but the price of bread when from like a dollar to thousands over night—same thing happened in Germany. The currency system collapsed and prices skyrocketed. Have you taken the time to look around and see the patterns happening here in America and around the world? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to depend on anyone else to feed me when the next system collapses. The reality we are living right now is not guaranteed to last for forever. How many civilizations have been built and collapsed? Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, etc. These societies sadly aren’t forever and the future isn’t guaranteed. All I’m saying is that prepping is not just for Americans, it is for everyone everywhere. If it isn’t popular where you are at, then don’t share with anyone. In fact, it is better to now share with anyone what your plans are. Keep it to yourself because it is no one’s business.

Is building a food storage expensive?

In regards to the comment of “this is a waste of money.” Wasting of one’s money is relative. What I consider a waste of money may not be considered a waste of money to the person writing the comment. Don’t let anyone detour you from building a food storage because they tell you it is a waste of money, food will go bad, or an emergency won’t happen. What people don’t realize is that when you have an active rotating food storage which means you are actively eating what you have stocked up and rotating through it, you just have an expansive grocery store at your home to rely on instead of an outer system you have to travel to. Food doesn’t go bad when you take the time to organize it and keep charts of what you have coming in and keep track of expiration dates. If food doesn’t get wasted, then you aren’t wasting any money because you are feeding yourself and your family. All of these kinds of charts and methods can be found in my Food Storage downloadable bundle. I have tried to explain this to people because the common thought is that food storage is just for a later date and it sits there. No, food storage should be active and you should be using it to cook everyday meals. Just imagine what you have in your pantry, the foods you eat, but stocked up for years inside of your home or another storage area. You don’t let it just sit there. I consider this an investment instead of a waste of money. A waste of money is relative, so you decide what is best for you and your family.

Is building a food storage hard?

Another comment I get is “this is selfish, give away to people who need it.” When you start building a food storage, people will tell you that you are selfish because you are responsible for the empty shelves at the store. This is far from the truth because the empty shelves are due to people not prepping and then they panic buy and purchase everything they see on the shelves without a plan. If you are preparing ahead of time and have a plan for the food you are buying, you are not emptying the shelves. When 2020 rolled around and the grocery stores were chaos, the average prepper wasn’t there fighting over the last bag of dried beans because they already had their stock of beans back at their place. Building a food storage is not selfish and you are actually doing a service for yourself and for your peers because you won’t have to empty any shelves or shop in panic the next time a disaster rolls around. There was one commenter who was fighting to the death in the comments about how preppers are the ones responsible for the empty shelves. Everyone was replying with logic and saying how? Preppers don’t have to go to the store during an emergency, but this person would not give it up. Sometimes you just can’t argue with people who have no logic. And this is why when you start prepping and people judge you or think you are selfish, you just need to ignore them. Just because they are comfortable relying on an unreliable system, it doesn’t mean that you have to. I have a few friends who follow my prepping stuff and I know they think I’m crazy, but truly, I don’t care. I’ve encourage my family to start prepping and it has made me happy when they call me and tell me how thankful they are that they built up a food storage in their pantry or they utilized their freezer storage so they can store more food. It has saved them time and money.

Along the lines of food storage being selfish, people like to comment and say why don’t you give this to people who are poor or are hungry. First of all, who says I don’t or that you even have to? It is kind of weird that people like to dictate how others spend money. I always imagine the people who make those comments never give anything, expect others to do the giving, while they enjoy common leisures like their brand new iphone 12 but will complain that they cant give away food because they cant eat themselves. You see how idiotic things can get especially when you share online. My tip would to be not to share that you are prepping, help others where you can, and to start building your food storage today.

What emergency scenarios do you prepare for?

Disasters like the Ohio train derailment are becoming more common. Imagine one day you wake up to learn a train derailed near you and toxic chemicals are being spilled into your water supply. What do you do? If you have prepped water storage, have a water purifying system (reverse osmosis in this case) and have other water purifying means then you aren’t going to have to be as concerned as someone who has nothing prepped. Heck, even bottled water prepped under a bed is going to help in this case. You always need to think long term in every scenario but starting with just something like plastic water bottles is a great start.

My message to you right now is to start prepping today. If you want some help, check out my Food storage course and downloadable bundle because it will help you get started or help you get organized with where you are at. I am passionate about food storage and I think everyone should have one.

Thank you for listening and spending your time here. I hope it has been helpful. Until next time! Don’t do anything a gubba wouldn’t do!

Urgency Of Building A Food Storage

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