Hello and welcome back to the Gubba podcast! I’m Gubba, a first time homesteader following in the footsteps of my homesteading forbears. In this podcast I discuss prepping, homesteading, and everything in between. Today I am going to be discussing The Big Food Awakening.

What is “Big Food?”

When I say “Big Food” I mean it the conglomerate mess of corporations, CEOs, and politicians who run our current food system. I want you to know right now that these people who run the system do not care about your health. They care about the bottom-line and how much money they can generate. I am happy to know that people are waking up to this.

I woke up to it a while ago, and now I am trying to share the good message to help others. I grew up in a home where processed food was abundant, I went through a public school system where they ordered in dominos every day for children’s lunch.

Yes, every morning in class we would raise our hand if we wanted pizza, and they would order that amount for lunch. I just, even thinking and discussing this is insanity to me. But, we have been brainwashed to think this food is normal and I was born into it.

I transitioned to the “real world” when I went to university and was still surrounded by processed food and inundated with “Big Food” in the cafeterias and friends who didn’t question the system either. The change starts with us, right here, right now.

What is “Big Pharma?”

You have probably heard the phrase “Big Pharma” when people discuss the medical system. Big Pharma and Big Food go hand-in-hand, so that is important to know this as we go throughout our discussion today. Big Food sells us the problem and Big Pharma sells us the solution.

We are a society bombarded and choked with prescription medications. I would go as far as to say the “pandemic” in 2020 isn’t what we should have focused on, but instead we should have focused on the pandemic of Big Pharma and Big Food.

There are constant medications being rolled out, and do you know how much Big Pharma makes off of us being sick? Billions and billions of dollars. Do you think an industry like this, that profits off of people being sick, would want people to better themselves and become healthy? Absolutely not. This takes us to the time-held quote of

“Food is medicine.”

Why are we sick?

So if the one of the largest industries in the world makes money on sick people, it would only make sense that they would do everything in their power to ensure people don’t use food as medicine. That people don’t use food to heal themselves. Food truly is medicine, but this knowledge has been lost and discombobulated over the past century.

Big Pharma knows this and that is why they work hand-in-hand with Big Food to keep you sick and unhealthy. If I was in charge of running Big Food as if it were my own business, Here are 5 things I would do to keep people sick:

1) Start running smear campaigns.

I would set up campaigns to convince people that the real nutrient-dense food that they are eating is not good for them and I would offer “better” alternatives. Instead of eating the animal fats our ancestors have been eating for thousands of years like butter, lard, and tallow. I would run campaigns and pay off doctors to convince people that these fats now cause heart disease, raise cholesterol, and are the wrong thing to be feeding your family. I would instead suggest to use things like margarine and vegetable oil.

2) I would convince people that raw milk is dangerous. 

I would pay to have campaigns run that insight fear like saying raw milk has killed thousands of people and illness has broken out because of contaminated raw milk. It is susceptible to dangerous bacteria, so instead of drinking what our ancestors have drank for thousands of years, drink milk that has been pasteurized. This is definitely for your safety and not for a multi-faceted bottom-line.

3) I would go after and target development in the early stages of life. 

I would pay doctors to convince mothers that formula is better than breast milk. Instead of educating women how to have nutrient-dense breast milk to help baby during development, I would create these formulas from seed oils, preservatives, and milk by-products.

I wouldn’t even use full fat milk because I know that the fats are what helps baby’s body and brain develop optimally. I would use the fat to make other products and money and then use the leftover garbage milk to make formula. I would also know how damaging and inflammatory seeds oils are, so I would make sure to chalk this early stage of life food full of them.

I would pay the FDA off and whoever I needed to ensure that these foods hit the shelves. I would go backdoor and have medicial practices recommend it to mothers. By doing this, I also benefit my best friend “Big Pharma” because I am helping generate people who have sub-optimal starts to life and hopefully a lot of health issues.

4) I would infiltrate the schools. 

I would ensure that businesses I own are the go-tos for school lunches. I would understand that most parents are not involved in what their child eats at school and I would make the most of it. I would make lab-made “meat” patties, packaged instant pastas, and other processed garbage slop to feed the children in the government-ran schools. I would approach my friends on capitol hill and see what I needed to do to get school contracts for school lunch.

I wouldn’t stop at the lunches, I would dive into the textbooks and teach about health. The same campaigns that I ran in the early 1900s about butter being bad and raw milk being dangerous, I would be sure to instill that into textbooks to continue on the cycle.

I wouldn’t want the upcoming generation to know that eggs are a nutrient-dense wonderful food to consume. I would scare them by saying having more than 2 eggs a day will raise their cholesterol and lead to heart disease. I would write in the books that eating red meat is as bad as smoking a box of cigarettes. The children know cigarettes are bad so I need to make a comparison.

5) I would convince people that bad food is normal. 

This is the last and final step. This processed food that makes you sick needs to be normalized and the people who seek real food and grow their own gardens need to be ostracized. Because of all of my other carefully crafted steps leading to this, it should be pretty simple.

I have ads running on the screens of every child and adult showing perfectly healthy people drinking soda or children drinking capri sun running around having fun. I have doctors who are telling their patients that red meat is unhealthy because that is what they read in their medical school text books. I have politicians passing bills in my favor because I have enough money to fund what I want.

Now, children’s sport’s games will have Sunny D and Gatorade for refreshments instead of mineral water or real juice.

I have won.

What do schools teach about health and nutrition?

I want you to reflect on all of those steps. They may sound familiar because they are actual tactics that have been used by Big Food to infiltrate our system over the past 100 years. Now, processed and junk food really is the norm. And true story, I still remember sitting in freshman health class and my teacher saying you can’t have more than 2 eggs a day because the cholesterol in the egg yolks will be your maximum and high cholesterol will lead to heart disease.

He was unhealthy himself, so what was his business teaching a health class anyways? We need to normalize that unhealthy people don’t need to be giving health advice unless they are on an active journey to better themselves. I wish I knew then what I know now.

I would ask him, if they really were a cause for heart disease then why did heart disease skyrocket after the smear campaigns in the early 1900s that steered us away from traditional diets filled with animal fats and foods like eggs? Why did the incidence of heart disease skyrocket when consumption of these foods plummeted?

That just doesn’t add up at all!

So now that we understand a little more about what Big Food is and how it has deceptively operated the past 100 years and continues to operate, let’s use some real world examples of how you can be aware of it for yourself.

What are the ingredients in bread?

For starters, I feel like bread is a big one. It was for me. First of all, we are told in the food pyramid that bread and grains should be the base of our diet. Ugh, that is so frustrating to think about.

Those stupid food pyramids, but that was a wonderful example of how Big Food infiltrated our school and textbook system. So breaking down bread if you look at one of the cheapest bread options at Walmart, which is the Walmart brand of white bread, it has 21 ingredients and has a warning that says “contains a bioengineered food ingredient.”

This bread is able to be bought with EBT cards which is America’s food stamp program. Perfect example of Big Food infiltrating government systems. We don’t want people who are already struggling to find freedom in their health either, we want them to remain sick and struggling so give them tax-payer funded cards to buy junk food.

What are bioengineered ingredients and what do they do to you?

Most people wouldn’t bat an eye reading Calcium Proponate (a preservative) or vegetable oil (soybean, specifically) on the ingredients list of the bread they buy.

Why? Because you were never taught in school to question ingredients. You were only taught to eat bread because it was at the bottom of the food pyramid. In reality, bread should only have a handful of ingredients. Yeast, sugar, water, butter, flour, and salt.

If you want to learn how to make homemade bread, I have an easy bread recipe for you. I will put it in the show notes. So because of Big Foods propaganda and our lack of educating ourselves, we settle for inflammation-causing bioengineered garbage.

You would be better off to buy these ingredients and bake bread. It doesn’t take much time at all. Baking bread saves you a lot of time thinking about it. Time from having to go to the grocery store and also time saved from not having to go to the doctors office later on down the road when you get a mysterious cancer and wonder where the heck it came from.

Well, my guess would be from the bioengineered garbage you ate. Then once you have cancer, Big Pharma steps in and says. Gee, this was genetic all along and there is no way you could have ever steered away from it. I think when they say genetic they mean bioengineered because that’s what those ingredients are, they are genetically modified.

So yes, your cancer was genetic, just not in the way you think. Then once you have the cancer from your bioengineered bread you were eating, Big Pharma will take you in as a patient, numb you with pills, poison you with chemotherapy, and radiate your body. See how these two monstrosities go hand-in-hand yet?

Are sugar drinks bad for you?

Another example like bread that we don’t think twice about is the drinks that we choose to consume. From when I was little, I remember drinks like hi-c, sunny d, capri sun, koolaids, tang, a variety of fruit punches and juices, pasteurized milk, and tap water.

This is more frustrating to discuss because it is dismissed more easily because we just look at it because it is a liquid and we aren’t necessarily eating it, it doesn’t do as much harm. That is false. I think it is disturbing that we will give Sunny D which is marketed as a kids drink to our kids. Our children are literally being poisoned people.

Giving your kid sunny D is poison and trying to convince yourself or anyone else is a cope defense mechanism. You are coping and trying to convince yourself that it is okay and you are still a good parent. Sure, you are still a good parent but you are poisoning your kids. I won’t sugar coat it, Sunny D will though when they market it to you. Looking at the ingredients on this. Let’s read through them.

Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, 2% or less of each of the following: Concentrated Juices (Orange, Tangerine, Apple, Lime, Grapefruit, Pear), Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Thiamin Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), Natural Flavors, Modified Cornstarch, Canola Oil, Sodium Citrate, Cellulose Gum, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Neotame, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Potassium Sorbate to protect flavor, Yellow #5, Yellow #6

What do food dyes do to you? Do food dyes cause health issues?

I hope you know I am SCREAMING internally reading these ingredients. There is no reason any kid or any person should be drinking this. I mean drinking food dyes. You know those are linked to cancer, right?

Not only cancer, but ADHD. So here, we give the kid an ADHD causing drink, then medicate them with a blanket of prescription medications. Another fine example of how Big Food and Big Pharma go hand-in-hand.

The second ingredient is high fructose corn syrup, and canola oil is in here! This “orange juice drink” is an inflammation cancer causing drink. But again, we weren’t taught to question the ingredients.

We were taught that the stuff at grocery stores is food through marketing from Big Food themselves. Commercials showing moms and children shopping together. Healthy-looking kids drinking Sunny D.

Any kid who actively drinks Sunny D is not going to look healthy. There will be signs. I went to a large county fair two years ago and this image is stuck in my mind of two parents coming out of the fair with three kids. All of the kids were pale, eyes sunken, dark under eye circles, and looked so sickly.

The parents looked the same as they were carrying out a hoard of fair food. Again, this isn’t judgement. This is evaluation of the current state of our society. We are SICK.

Does food coloring cause cancer?

I recently shared on social media that if you don’t want your child to get cancer or suffer from something like ADHD, then you shouldn’t feed them processed food that is shown to cause these things and affect their health. The comment section erupted.

What I found surprising that instead of addressing the cancer comment, people took the ADHD comment and ran with it saying it is genetic. One person even left a comment saying f you ADHD is genetic and it doesn’t matter what one eats, you will get cancer and adhd no matter what. Let’s take a step back here.

Does what we eat affect us getting cancer?

You see how we have been conditioned to be helpless right? The system, consisting of the Big Food and Big Pharma partnering with the medical system, has brainwashed us to believe curable health ailments are genetic and there is nothing that can be done, so eat your mcdonalds because you can’t escape your cancer! PEOPLE! THIS IS INSANITY!

Food is medicine, so what do you expect to happen to yourself if you eat garbage food and live a toxic lifestyle? What is something that runs in the family aside from genetics?

Diet. If your parents ate like garbage with processed foods and fast food, then you did most likely too. If you don’t eat good, neither will your kids. Eventually they may learn to make better choices but they will have a slower starter.

So I have a few questions that spiral from this: Is it the diet that is running in the family that is causing the health issues or is the diet causing our genes to mutate and then create problems.

Here soon, I will share some snippets from actual research papers that talk about what some ingredients are doing to us in regards to cancer. Either way, we have been taught to be helpless and that we can’t avoid problems since they are genetic. Is it the genes or the environment?

Is it the genes or the diet? Is is the genes or the wrong form of medical care? Think about cancer and how someone is sick. What do the doctors do? They poison your body even more with radiation and chemotherapy. This makes no sense, I’m just asking you to think outside the box on this one.

And that’s what I like to do on my social medias…

One mom left a comment saying I was mom-shaming. I simply replied and asked if scientific research is mom-shaming as well? These kind of people who can’t confront truth and reality will instead attack the messenger. That’s alright. She carried on that she was fascinated to know the research and that I was just stating opinion.

But I have come to realize that people like this will never be happy. I could show them all of the papers and they would still close their eyes. I have also realized people don’t know how to sift through actual scientific research and they rely on mainstream news networks to deliver information in the form of a TV screen.

Again, I take studies with a grain of salt because you can pay people to find what you want. Bill Gates paid some “scientists” to evaluate food and they found peanut m and ms were healthier than beef, so see what I mean?

Anyway, here is one snippet from a study done in 1978 where they evaluated food dyes and cancer: “Three of the transforming dyes (Blue 2, Green 2024, Red 4) did increase tumor incidence and/or mortality in at least one strain of hamster.” Another study said “It was observed that all of the above colorants and their combinations could cause genotoxicity to human lymphocytes even at the permissible concentration..” And another “These date demonstrate that tartrazine may be harmful to health and its prolonged use could trigger carcinogenesis.”

Can you trust the FDA?

I think you and I have dove enough discussion today to understand that Big Food does not have our best interest in mind. Some people would argue and say we have the FDA and CDC to help keep the food regulated and safe. Think about this: these food colorings are allowed in certain “safe” concentrations in order for them to be on the market to be sold to us. Sure, an individual Sunny D may have the safe amount of food coloring but what about the average western diet kid who will be eating a combination of Sunny D, doritos, ding dongs, 7 up, and other food coloring processed foods throughout the day.

There is no way to monitor intake, and I would assume most people are well-above the “safe” concentration. The individual item passes the FDA check, but what about the conglomerate. If you end up sick though and with cancer from all of your food dyes, you have Big Pharma and our failed medical system to care for you. YIKES!

Does food affect our hormones?

I remember in 8th grade, we watched a documentary about how frogs were changing sexes due to the chemicals in the water they were living in. Like it was so contaminated that the frogs were changing genders. I just briefly looked this up and found “Pesticide altrazine can turn male frogs into females” from UC Berkley. Now, recent headlines say this is normal and not to worry, as frogs do this in nature.

I find it interesting to dive into pesticides and herbicides and how they have played a role in population disease and health over the past century. Now, we have no clue what they are spraying on our produce and grains. Could our food be this closely linked to all of the disease and mental health issues we have going on today? Hmm.

How can I eat better?

This brings me back to my point that I continue to make in this podcast and in my social medias, we have lost our connection with food. Our connection to food is everything. Know your farmer. Know how your food is grown. See the animals, if possible. Grow your own food. Prepare food in your home from real ingredients. Seek out community gardens and gardening groups. Connect with your community.

What is Azure Standard?

One easy way to do this could be something as simple as using Azure Standard. I am not sponsored, but it’s like an online non-gmo, organic Costco that you don’t have to pay to be a part of and they do monthly drops where you have the chance to meet others who think similarly or have similar goals to you at. I’ve met some really neat people at my Azure drops. They even sell household goods like cleaning supplies, toothpaste, and other items like gardening tools and plants. They are pretty neat.

Another way to connect with your community could be through farmer’s markets. Attend them whenever they have them and see what people are growing or selling. When you start supporting local, you start taking down Big Food and Big Pharma.

How do you cook from scratch?

Another way to take down Big Food is to start baking from scratch. Stop buying packaged food and gather ingredients like flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, yeast, and other basics in the highest quality you can and start learning how to bake. Save carcasses and bones from dinners along with vegetable scraps and make homemade broth. That broth then can be used from soups, gravies, and more. You see how starting simple evolves into your own home network of health and food. You can do it!

You are worth more than the system leads you to believe AND you can make better choices to improve your situation.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this podcast and found it informative and helpful. I want to inspire others to take control of their food starting in their kitchens. I did it, so you can too! I hope you have a good day!

Waking up from the Big Food Matrix

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