Hello and welcome back to the Gubba podcast! I’m Gubba, a first time homesteader following in the footsteps of my homesteading forbears. In this podcast I discuss prepping, homesteading, and everything in between.

Today I want to discuss with you all about raw milk. I talk about raw milk so much on my socials, I thought I would do a dedicated podcast diving in on why I drink it and why I believe it is nature’s perfect whole food and medicine.

I could speak forever about raw milk because I love it so much. I even love it so much that I got my own Jersey dairy cow last year and Nigerian dwarf goats this year so I could have my own supply of raw milk—I value it that much! Let’s dive in and learn about the wonders of raw milk. 

Alright, let's get one thing straight from the get-go: raw milk is controversial. I mean I have been drinking it for a few years now, but I still have people around me who raise their eyes when I drink raw milk and talk about it.

I can’t help but crack up though because they will be slurping down their fifth mountain dew of the day and have the gull to question raw milk. We also got the FDA with their deep pockets with every big corporation reaching in there to drop off some payment.

The FDA wags their fat fingers while the health authorities that went to medical schools that are sponsored by big corporations are telling you to avoid red meat and raw milk, but here I am and a plethora of other truth seekers, enjoying raw milk because it’s as simple as that—we have discovered the truth.

What are the health benefits of raw milk?

First stop on our truth—seeking journey is the nutritional powerhouse that is raw milk. Forget those sterilized cartons lining supermarket shelves—raw milk is packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that might just make your body sing.

I also say on socials that pasteurized milk is a dead food, and it is absolutely a dead food with no nutritional value. The raw milk gets zapped at high heat and everything bad and good is eliminated from it. Then synthetic vitamins and minerals are added back into it. Why drink synthetic goop when you can have the real deal?

Why is raw milk illegal?

Pasteurization became a thing with dairy back in the day because people were getting sick from raw milk. BUT it wasn’t because of the raw milk inherently being bad, it was because the dairies were filthy, no cleaning practices implemented or very minimal, and sick and diseased animals not cared for.

Instead of cleaning up the dairies, pasteurization was introduced to clean up the milk so the dairies could continue on in filth and generate revenue.

Do you see how problematic this is?

Raw milk is not only about nutrition and consuming the most nutrient dense food nature has to offer but it is about supporting clean and healthy practices for animals.

Some dairy farmer on TikTok claimed he was going to come after me and make a video about raw milk because he was offended by me sharing this information. I go look at his page and he has his dairy cows living inside on sand. No pasture. No natural environment. But they are pumped of their milk and that milk is pasteurized. Why? Because being in an unnatural environment like that, thought up to cleaning standards, is a breeding ground for disease.

He never made the video. Probably because deep down he knows what I know. Honestly, how could you keep animals like that and even try to claim that it is natural and the processed product is better than what nature had already made? It is total clown world out there sometimes when I post about this. I will never drink pasteurized goop again.

On the topic of people coming after me for sharing my opinion on raw milk let me share another lesson I learned. I had another person come after me for sharing a video on tiktok about drinking raw milk. This person claimed to have a degree in biology and proudly touted it in the back of his videos. He called me Salmonella Sally and basically regurgitated everything the FDA has to say about raw milk.

What I noticed though is that he looked extremely unhealthy. Was overweight, balding, and his face was so inflamed and inflated. And this is where I think we are being led so wrong in our modern health system. People are listening and taking health advice from others who are obviously sick.

Some brainwashed individuals like this young man love to say “well he has a degree or the FDA says this” yeah but, you’re following what they say and look incredibly sick. After a while, you need to start having some form of pattern recognition.

If someone is giving me health advice, are they healthy themselves? I don’t care what three letter government agency says. I want health advice from healthy people.

What vitamins and minerals are in raw milk?

Raw milk is loaded with Vitamin A, D, and B12. And let's not forget the minerals, like calcium and magnesium, which are like building blocks for your body's fortress.

Truly, raw milk has everything your body needs for a good foundation. As long as the dairy animal is in a natural environment on pasture I should note. I wouldn’t consume raw milk from an animal on garbage feed and held in a barn all day.

The milk lining the grocery store shelf is 99% of the time from a cow pumped up full of antibiotics and on a garbage unnatural feed. Heck, they might even be fed actual garbage.

Raw milk and lactose intolerance

Raw milk isn't just a nutrient storehouse, it's also got these little things called enzymes. Now, enzymes are powerful and work together with our digestive system to help us breakdown foods and digest what we are putting in it.

Lactase, for instance, helps you tackle lactose intolerance, making you rethink that "no dairy" policy. And then there's lipase that breaks down fats. I love to do videos telling people that they aren’t lactose intolerant, they are just consuming a dead food—pasteurized milk.

Pasteurized milk doesn’t have these enzymes to help you break down lactase. Because of this, people can’t process commercial milk well and think they are allergic to milk.

I actually have a close friend who thought this, I let her try some of my cow’s raw milk and guess what? She loved the raw milk and didn’t get sick.

How do I homestead?

Drinking raw milk isn’t just about you (I mean it mostly is about you and your health) but it is also about the local farmer and building up your community. Stop depending on your grocery store when you can drive out of town and stock up on real milk.

Not only is this supporting your health but it is supporting ethical farming practices. This isn't the mega-dairy world of factory farms and sterile environments—it's about small-scale operations, sustainable practices, and a farm-to-glass connection that just feels right.

These farmers are putting their time and dedication into giving you real food because they also believe in it. When I first dove into raw milk, I had to source it from a dairy about an hour away from me. It was worth it!

Here's the deal you can make your own decisions. So, take this all in, do your research, and listen to your body. If raw milk piques your interest, maybe it's time to explore a little.

Just remember, it's a journey, not a one-size-fits-all solution. Raw cow milk may not make you feel great, try raw goat milk. Maybe you can’t drink milk at all! All I’m saying is to look at all sides.

Let me ask you this: Why are there Cheetos lining the shelves at the store and ready for any kid to rip open and devour but raw milk is illegal? Do you really think processed foods like Cheetos aren’t killing you? Hate to break it to you, but they are.

They are leading to abnormalities in your body that will lead to a plethora of other health issues. Us being sick generates money for the system. Raw milk heals. Think on that for a bit.

Once you realize everything is about money and sick people generate more money for our overlords, you can finally start to question raw milk a little bit.

Happy Homesteading,

Why I Drink Raw Milk

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