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Take the guesswork out of backyard chicken keeping with MY Printable Bundle

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

diy Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us! One of my favorite activities during the holidays is decorating: hauling in my Christmas totes from the garage, constructing awesome decorations, and driving around to admire the décor of others’—I love the joy and light these activities bring into my life. Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive and cumbersome!

You may be asking yourself some of these questions, so let me answer them:

How do I decorate for the holidays on a budget?

Simply! You don’t need high-end decorations to impress others. After all, who admires the “name-brand” of your décor? If someone does that, tell them to promptly leave—we don’t need that kind of energy lol.

During Christmas season, shop stores like Ross, TjMaxx, and Marshalls for low prices on holiday décor. Michaels is a craft store, but sign up for an account there, and you will receive many coupons for DIY projects, or use them to purchase completed decorations there!

The best time to shop during the holiday season is AFTER the holidays, when stores like Target and Walmart start marking down their Christmas inventory. It generally starts at 30-50% off; then it gets even better! I purchase all my tags, wrapping paper, and bows during these markdowns. It's the best time to score holiday decorations on a budget!

When should I decorate for Christmas?

My rule of thumb is start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. This gives you time to celebrate fall and Thanksgiving to their fullest; then easily transition into the holiday spirit of Christmas. Personally, I'd love to have a Christmas tree up year round because I love the lights, but that would take the spark from the last leg of the year!

Christmas card on tree

How do I decorate a Christmas tree?

The best time to score good deals on Christmas tree décor is December 26th. Most stores want to clear their shelves, so it's a great time to prepare for next year. Not only is the décor marked down, but fake Christmas trees are marked down too! Have you seen the great prices on some of them?! If you decide to grab some affordable deals from stores like Ross and TjMaxx, then the Christmas tree is your canvas! Every year, I decorate mine with a collage of ornaments. I acquired some growing up; others were gifts in prior years, and others I receive in the current season.

An easy, cheap way to decorate your Christmas tree is to use candy canes, Christmas cards you have received, or DIY ornaments. I love using candy canes purchased from the dollar store; they are festive and bring a fun Christmas spirit to the room. Holiday cards are fun too because, surprisingly, they look like décor, and it’s special to see the touch of loved ones and friends on your tree.

You can also make DIY ornaments.

diy ornament on tree

How do I make an ornament?

First, gather supplies around the house or go to the local craft store. Create your ornament from those. A simple idea is to get a clear glass bulb ornament, some paint, and a thin ribbon. Pour an assortment of colors into the bulb, shake it up, and voila! You have a cheap, easy DIY ornament. Use the ribbon to hang it on your tree. My DIY paint ornament bulb is one of my favorites on the tree.

advent calendar

What can I use for Christmas decorations?

If you don’t want to brave the store to purchase decorations, use other items as decoration. Place Christmas books on a mantle or shelf around the room to harbor in a holiday vibe. Tack your stocking on the wall. My favorite is to wrap paintings or framed photos on the wall in wrapping paper, and then hang them back on the wall! Instantly, the room awakens with cheery Christmas tones.

Recently, I received an Advent calendar as a gift. It makes the cutest Christmas decoration! I've never even thought about using an Advent calendar like this. Open up each day for a surprise and enjoy it as a decoration too! Something as cute as this wooden calendar could be the centerpiece of your Christmas decorations!

My decorations on the homestead are the same as they have been every year: a real tree, twinkling Christmas lights, assorted ornaments, Christmas books strewn about, DIY crafts from years before, and my sewn stocking. I enjoy keeping my holiday decorating simple and on a budget! I reuse these decorations year after year until something breaks or the lights run out of juice. Until then, I’m having a holly jolly Christmas!

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas