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Take control of your food supply and protect your family in an emergency!

Take control of your food supply and protect your family in case of an emergency

Azure Standard Grocery Haul For Prepping & Being Prepared On The Homestead

Be sure to use my Azure Standard referral link to sign up! If you use my link, you help support me while obtaining healthy and beneficial foods for you and your family.

Azure Standard is a great place to buy groceries. According to their website they are a family owned, independent company dedicated to providing high quality products. I agree with that!

I love to watch prepper grocery hauls on YouTube, so I'm doing one today. You can check it out here. As a prepper, I've made food storage my hobby. You won’t find me panic-buying at the local store when all the Gerk breaks loose for Corona 2.0 because I've already established my at-home "grocery store." Azure Standard is pivotal to my pantry, so I'll share what I buy in this current haul!

What is Azure Standard?

An online store selling fresh produce, supplements, skin care products, dairy products, and much more! The quality of their product line is incredible, and the prices are fair and competitive.

How does Azure Standard work?

Over the course of an "order period," typically a month, you place everything you need or want in your cart. If you check out, you can still add items to your cart, up until the designated cutoff. When the order period ends, the products are shipped to a “drop location.”

How does Azure standard Drop Pickup work?

Azure won’t deliver directly to your house; instead, you specify a “drop location” that is convenient for you. For example, if your nearest drop location is a city park, on a certain day and time Azure drops your products there, along with those of other customers, and you pick them up at the scheduled time!

I save time and money by buying in bulk from Azure. How do I know?

I did a price check. I pay them about $100 dollars for a 50lb. bag of baking powder, so about $2 a pound. Walmart charges $8.99 for an 8 ounce container, so about $18 a pound—$16 more! It's a no-brainer for me to buy bulk, never drive to the store, and instead I have my own private "grocery store": a row of 5 gallon buckets with gamma lids! My baking powder supply will last years, as long as I store the container properly.

This is my order:

Azure Standard order total: $721.23

This amount may seem exorbitant, but keep in mind that I buy bulk and I eat for months because I craft meals from food stored in my pantry. I won’t place another Azure order for three to four months, so the cost of this bulk order will average $180 to $240 a month but I save on gas and time by doing one ginormous order. Some of these items fall into my middle layer food storage, so I won’t be using them immediately. Fuel cost is much higher if I make multiple trips to the store each week for meal prep. Gas prices have steadily climbed upwards in the past year—at some places they SOARED up—so I'm frugal about excess driving. Keep in mind that items in this order go into building my food storage.

Before I committed to the bulk-buy process, I mapped out my budget with a spreadsheet showing all of my grocery bills (gas included!) I was surprised by (1) the number of trips I made to the store, (2) the amount of wasted time, and (3) the gas I burned while only picking up handfuls of ingredients. I quickly realized that Azure makes sense in my scenario, but I analyzed the numbers just to make sure. Conclusion: It's far less costly making ONE trip to get food ONCE every few months than several trips each week.

I am building up my pantry and food storage over time. My goal is to store enough so I can thrive off my pantry for a year with no trips to the store. My summer’s garden will help me meet that goal as I will eat fresh and hopefully preserve the excess!

My skillset is building as I learn to make recipes from scratch. I no longer buy store bread; I make my own instead and save on each loaf. Cooking and baking from scratch saves money in the long run and increases my set of homestead skills!

Azure Standard customer support is incredible as well. On my most recent drop, my tea did not show up ($26.97), so they credited my account, no questions asked! I love when a company is kind and cares for their customers. If you decide to start your homesteading bulk grocery haul, make sure to check out Azure Standard!
Azure Standard Grocery Haul For Prepping & Being Prepared On The Homestead