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Take the guesswork out of backyard chicken keeping with MY Printable Bundle

Take the guesswork out of backyard chicken keeping with MY Printable Bundle

Homesteading For The Next Global Disaster

As the Covid Pandemic fades into the history books, I'm tormented by the following question:

Will we ever return to Normal?

And this makes me wonder exactly what "Normal" is. Mine is different than yours I'm sure, and everyone probably has a different version, but my Normal includes not gasping for air in some hospital with a mysterious virus raging through my body.

I've concluded one thing for certain: My new Normal includes prepping for the next pandemic—or whatever world-wide disaster is coming our way next.

I'm not going back to the old Normal.

As you already know if you follow my blogs, I've disconnected from traditional TV programming and I'm learning to grow my own food. Just like my homesteading forebears did, I'm not sitting idly by on the outskirts of society, waiting to fall victim in the next global apocalypse. I'm prepping for the very worst that Mother Nature (or some villain) can offer.

I’m two generations from family members who escaped Eastern Europe before the world wars. If they had sat idly by, they would have been crushed (along with millions of people) by those monolithic war machines. Because of their wise choices, I can enjoy a life filled with joy. Now, in the cold dark shadow of the receding Pandemic, I’ve decided to honor my kin by returning to their traditions, learning their way of life, and instituting their practices into my everyday life.

You can call me "Off-Grid Gubba" if you want to because I'm going on the record right here and now: Never again will I venture into a grocery store to see the toilet paper aisles ransacked and not a 3-ply on the horizon!

I don’t know who whispered in my ear during the pandemic, but something told me to “prepare”—maybe it was just a feeling, a dream experience, or a transient thought in my mind, idk. But early on, before the stores were ransacked, I began stockpiling food to sustain me through the unknown. I realized that relying on grocery stores, and a country’s fragile food system, is NOT WISE! These are delicate, unreliable institutions that maintain only 2 or 3 days of stock on hand, and that system breaks down quite easily, as we all witnessed.

I'm starting my journey to self-sufficiency and prepping for anything: Global Warming, a 300-foot tsunami, Covid-20, 1984, angry aliens, the Singularity, WW3, Covid-21 - everything!

Even a gargantuan asteroid won't catch me out in the open! When the smoke and ashes settle back to Earth, there'll be me and my trusty companion Kintla, one of the best dog breeds to endure any possible dystopia. Together we’ll survive, and I will emerge from the ashes to eat, drink and stream!

I'm not messing around this time. I'm prepping for the next disaster, and if you want to come along with me, I'm ready to share my knowledge and everything I discover. Stay close and we'll survive this together. I'll show you everything I learn about Food Production, Self-Defense, DIY Projects, First Aid, and Shelters, among other things - everything we need to survive the next threat to humanity.

No more being caught off guard. You know the old saying:

Surprise me once, shame on YOU; Surprise me twice, shame on ME—or something like that.

To prove I'm not joking around, I'm preparing a Survival Self-Assessment with a timeline to reach what I call "Survival Perfection." That'll be the moment I am as prepared as possible for the next global disaster, however it unfolds. For this assessment, I'm developing a list of survival topics and then I'll rate myself on each topic in the hope that you'll do the same and follow along with me as I start my journey to self-sufficiency and being fully prepared for any upcoming global disaster.

Homesteading For The Next Global Disaster