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Take the guesswork out of backyard chicken keeping with MY Printable Bundle

Take the guesswork out of backyard chicken keeping with MY Printable Bundle

My Difficult Decision To Move

I’m moving!

Leaving my house has been difficult. I've been here several years, and I've grown attached to this, my very first house. It's become a true home during the process of making it my own. The walls are colorfully painted and abundant with peace. The number one guest comment has been:

“Your home is so peaceful.”

I can bring that peace with me to any house, but it takes time for a house to become a home.

The decision to move and leave this beautiful place was difficult, but when this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity came knocking, I took the time to pray and ponder this decision as I do with all large decisions in my life, and I felt the need to go.

So many wonderful things have happened here:

- My stream and brand grew considerably, and I've had the opportunity to work with notable brands, like Rocket Mortgage, a company that prompted me to give a tour of my home on stream! I also experienced a rainbow of hair colors while living here!

hair colors

- My family grew. I brought my first ever puppy home to this house. I spent hours with her in the back yard training, sun bathing, and playing. The yard was peaceful, private, and a beautiful realm to raise and spend time with my puppy, Kintla.

girl with dog
dog kissing person

- This house turned into a home for me. This was my first real estate purchase ever, so it was exciting to feel this house transform through the years. Day by day I made it a bit more mine, and I felt like I could have spent forever here, if I was meant to.

So many memories dwell within the walls of this house, so it's hard to part ways! Some people can move forward without being sentimental about places they've lived, but I’m not like that. When I moved here from my tiny, troublesome apartment, I even missed some parts of that apartment! That feeling faded over time, but it didn’t make the transition easier.

While filming the Goodbye Vlog of my final moments in this house, I was struck by the finality of this transition: I will be parting with this house and never, ever returning! I will never walk those stairs, or leave the stream room, or run in the backyard with Kintla—ever again. I couldn’t help but cry! The tears were happy and sentimental tears because I'm glad to be starting a new chapter in life, but I also felt the void in my heart, the empty space this house once filled. I'm grateful for the pictures and videos chronicling my time here, so I can relive memories of this place.

As I stepped across the threshold, leaving through the front door for the very last time, I paused a moment to reflect on my life and realize the most wonderful miracles have happened after I took leaps of faith…

...and this move is a giant leap of faith!

My Difficult Decision To Move