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Take the guesswork out of backyard chicken keeping with MY Printable Bundle

Take the guesswork out of backyard chicken keeping with MY Printable Bundle

Survival Basics To Stock Up On

Survival Basics for the Apocalypse: Food, Water, Communications, Shelter, and Self-Defense

Like it or not, something bad is about to happen. At least that’s how the world feels right now. Never before in my life has there been such an ominous shadow of gloom cast over all of humanity—and it’s world-wide. It started with the Covid-19 Pandemic, and now we have unprecedented inflation threatening our buying power. Rampant crime is spreading over the country, with road-rage events spiraling out of control, shootings and assaults reaching epic levels daily.

Will a tank of gas cost $500, or $1,000, next month?

Will a trip to the grocery store be $10,000?

Yikes! if any of this comes true, as many YouTube naysayers are predicting, we should use our CURRENT buying power to stock up on basic items because when SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan), it ‘ll be too late: local stores will be ransacked, empty shelves to the horizon, and everything will be marked “Out of Stock” on Amazon.

You may have read my Big Buddy Heater blog; my inflation estimate for that item alone was over 400%! So there’s no time to waste. Stock up on these items NOW, before it’s too late:

Food – First and foremost, get some highly rated apocalypse food. The Augason Farms Lunch and Dinner Variety Pail is 4-gallons of emergency food. It features 11 varieties of entrées and soups, including dessert, with 92 servings for a total of 21,170 calories and 557 grams of protein. It arrives on your doorstep bunker-ready in a 4-gallon watertight pail for easy storage—or transportation, if you need to bug out. The meals are easy to prepare and ready in minutes. Even if you fight it out at the Homestead, this food will last a long time: shelf life ranges from 10 to 30 years. Compliment the Lunch and Dinner Pail with a Breakfast Emergency Food Supply 4 Gallon Pail from the same vendor These buckets are easy to store and stackable. You can place them in a crawl space or even in your closet!

Water – Everyone is buying gallons and gallons of water, or burying huge water tanks because clean drinking water is essential to life. Don’t order water on Amazon because it’s too expensive to ship; get the next best thing: the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter This water purifies removes 99.999% of bacteria, parasites, and micro-plastics (down to 1 micron in size), and it reduces turbidity (down to 0.2 microns). It meets testing standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency, and this single unit filters 4,000 liters (1,000 gallons) of clean, safe drinking water.

Communications – Whether you are fighting it out in the suburbs, under a bridge, or simply hunkered down at the homestead, you need communication links to the outside world. Bump up your intelligence game with an Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Weather Radio This radio includes a flashlight & reading lamp. The hand crank lever and solar panel are both capable of generating enough power for the radio, lights, and SOS alarm, or recharge it with power cord. When the zombies get in close, press the SOS button to activate the alarm.

Shelter – You’ll need a place to regroup, or get out of the weather, even if it’s very basic, like the shelter you build with this Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket Survival Gear Waterproof Insulated Blanket Emergency Tarp This simple, compact, fireproof survival tent has passed CPAI-84 Certification. It offers wind protection with dual zippered entry (inside or out). Orange on one side and silver on the other, this basic shelter keeps in the heat.

Self-Defense – You might encounter hostile aggressors anywhere. Be ready to defend yourself by any means. The best strategy is NOT to engage them, but distract them to gain enough time for escape. Here’s a portable, self-defense item to create the perfect distraction: Police Strength OC Spray. With an impressive 10-foot (3 meter) range, and 25 bursts, this bad-guy juice is delivered on target in a powerful stream that includes a UV marking dye to aid in suspect identification.

Pet supplies and food – If you have an animal, don’t forget about their needs. Your pet will still have to eat and cared for even during a SHTF scenario, so be ready for them as well! I would suggest stocking up on a variety of foods for your animals. Start by buying extra cans or bags of food when you normally purchase their food to slowly build up a reserve. If you can, buy bulk now. I have a variety of canned dog foodair-dried dog food, and freezer dog food bundled up for Kintla in case of an emergency situation. Have a variety of options. If the electricity goes out, I have canned and air-dried food. If we need to bug-out, I have air-dried food that doesn’t weigh too much. Make a plan for your pet now!

Survival Basics To Stock Up On