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Take the guesswork out of backyard chicken keeping with MY Printable Bundle

Take the guesswork out of backyard chicken keeping with MY Printable Bundle

Why You Should Start Prepping

How long would you be able to survive if the grocery stores no longer had any food and their shelves were completely empty? Have you ever stopped and thought about your emergency preparedness? How long would your family survive?

I believe it is dangerous to not have an emergency preparedness plan and the only plan you have is to rely on grocery stores and other entities to take care of you. Do you realize how fast civilizations change? What we consider normal today is taken for granted and could be abolished on a whim. Our normal today: a fully stocked grocery store a block away that we can travel to at our convenience. Truly, we have become so accustomed to convenience, we don’t even know how to experience life without it. When we are faced with an uncomfortable scenario like a blackout or a pandemic that empties the grocery store shelves, then we have to confront our doomed reality of what it is like to not be prepared.

If you could no longer get food or water from the grocery store, how long would you survive? What is your game plan in that situation? Are you hoping a government organization will come along and save you? After reading the horror stories from hurricane Katrina and the “help” those agencies divvied out, I want nothing to do with any of those! Do you really want to resort having to go to a government shelter with nothing in hand and having to depend on the people running the circus? I don’t, and you don’t have to either.

What put prepping and my preparedness into perspective for me was the 2020 pandemic chaos. I will never forget going to the store to witness the empty shelves, the panic, and having to follow the stupid arrows on the floor. I remember looking upon barren shelves, and thinking to myself “never will I be caught in a situation like this again not prepared.” Thankfully, I had slowly been building up my food storage before this, but this event really put me into action. Next time some weird event rolls around, I won’t even have to think about going to the grocery store because I have my grocery store equipped with prepping supplies at home.

You might have questions like:
Why should I prep?
Why should I build a food storage?
What items should I stock up on?
How do I build a food storage?
What are reasons to prep?
What is prepping?

I feel that discussing the reasons and why you should prep covers these questions and gets you think about your own individual situation. Let’s discuss some reasons why you should start prepping TODAY.

Reasons why you should start prepping:

1) Pandemics

Unfortunately, I don’t think 2020 was our last pandemic. Like the food shortages, I think there will be rolling pandemics that will keep everyone in fear and on the edge of their seat. Rona’ was just a test to see how well the population can be controlled (and it sure can be) so I can only imagine what will be next. We see video snippets of what supposedly is happening over in China—people forced into camps because they have a mild cold. Can you believe there were “stay at home” orders? Can you believe small businesses were made to shutdown while Walmart and big box stores were allowed to still operate? I can only imagine what’s next. Whether it is a real or fake pandemic, it is something to prepare for. Could there actually be biological weapons? I don’t see why not.

When thinking about prepping for a pandemic, do you have enough food to the point you don’t have to leave your house for a long period of time? Eventually, the goal should be to set up a system where you don’t have to leave your house EVER. Do you have a variety of or medicines to treat common ailments like coughing, sneezing, and temperature hikes? Do you have antibiotics on hand? You can get medicines to treat and cure common infections without going to the doctor from Contingency Medical. This is where I got my emergency kits, and you can use code “Gubba10” to save $10 on your kit. Absolutely love these kits as they are easy to throw into a bug-out bag and use for my emergency preparedness for scenarios like pandemics.

2) Inflation

Over the past year, we have seen massive price increases across the board. The grocery bill has slowly crept up—in some cases exploded. Even my favorite drink place increased their prices fifty cents to a dollar—that adds up. How do you beat inflation? Having a food storage is a great place to start. When you bulk buy and store foods, you are purchasing them at a cheaper price than they will be in the future, especially if you purchase goods while they’re on sale. This logic doesn’t just apply to food storage, but it applies to prepping materials in general.

Prices on everything are increasing, and who knows what they will be like in the future. Maybe the whole monetary system will collapse and the prices on everything will skyrocket. Truly, who knows. Your food storage and prep supplies are like your bank account and are an investment. You can have all of the money saved up, but if the system collapses, what will you eat? You can’t eat money. Start thinking about how to prepare for yourself and your family in a financial crisis. Inflation isn’t the only monetary problem you or society could face. Job loss and massive layoffs can also raise the need for food storages and prepping supplies.

3) Safety and Security

It is your responsibility to be prepared for yourself and for your family. Preparing ahead of a disaster can bring safety and security in a situation that would otherwise provide none. Imagine if you had to stay in your house and couldn’t leave, your supplies and food are your security to preserve yourself and your family.

Even if there wasn’t a pandemic or catastrophe and you experienced a hardship, your food storage can provide safety by giving you sustenance and security by having your own grocery store to rely on.

Having a food storage and proper tools to sustain yourself allows you to become self sufficient. You start to think about how to take responsibility for your situation and how you can best provide for yourself. Maybe you will become inspired to start a garden to grow your own food. After a while, you can preserve and prep the food you grow into your own storage. Prepping goes full circle.

Every area around the world will have their own dynamics and struggles. If you live in Canada, your gardening schedule will be different from someone in Mexico. Your local weather situations and natural disasters may look different, and these are things you have to keep in mind. Where do you live? What emergencies arise in your area? Research your local and surrounding areas to see what issues you may have to face.

The reasons for prepping are personal to you and your situation. Prepping has always been in the back of my mind, but it didn’t emerge to the forefront until 2020 when I realized the world is in peril, and I won’t be caught dead in another stupid situation unprepared. Will you? 

Why You Should Start Prepping