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Take the guesswork out of backyard chicken keeping with MY Printable Bundle

How To Live A Toxic-Free Lifestyle

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Did you know you can be self-sufficient while living a healthy, toxin-free life and you don’t need 80 acres to do it? Some people think in order to become self-sufficient and escape the modern-day poisons you need to have land to do so.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need land to live a toxin-free life—you can start from wherever you are! If you can’t start providing for yourself where you are at today then what makes you think you can provide anymore if you had land or something else? Make the grass greener where you are at.

How do you live toxin-free?

Before I moved out to my homestead, I made my home in the middle of suburbia my little self-sufficient homestead. I had no idea that one day I would end up with a chunk of land, so I shaped my area into what I wanted it to be—self-sufficient and toxin-free!

Sometimes, it is overwhelming to think about all of the modern-day bombardments—endless media, toxic food, poison water, and dangerous every day products. The weight of the world and everything we have to combat can be burdensome (for me it is.) You don’t need to run off to Wyoming to escape it all—you can escape it from where you are at, today!

Do you ever wish that you lived back in the day before everything, including our health and well-being, was monetized? I do. I’m tired of having to read ingredient labels on every product I bring into my house, not just food. A great way to start living toxin-free is to begin reading the ingredient labels.

If you don’t read the labels on your food, start today. If you don’t read the labels on your everyday house products like cleaners, deodorant, and laundry detergents, start today. It seems as if every household product is jam-packed full of toxins, and I’m exhausted from supporting companies who don’t care about our wellbeing.

Toxic Household Items

1) Cleaners such as bleach, Clorox products, Pinesol, etc. Any big-name cleaner is most likely going to be extremely toxic. Not only are a plethora of these cleaners loaded with endocrine disrupting chemicals, but they are also toxic to your animals! Yes, your animals can have reactions to the cleaners that you use every day.

If you think about how sensitive an animal nose is and how we can smell the aroma of the cleaners, think about how much more strongly the aroma is impacting them.

After reading about how toxic everyday house cleaning items were, I decided to opt for a more natural solution.

Can you clean with vinegar?

Yes, vinegar is a great natural cleaning solution. You can check out my recipe for a natural all-purpose cleaning solution here. I mix vinegar with essential oils and will use this to generally clean up areas. I also use vinegar to clean my wood floors, and it works beautifully. Does vinegar really kill germs?

It can work as a disinfectant, but it won’t kill everything. I personally take my chances around my house because I would rather not kill myself by breathing toxic fumes. Will my house smell like vinegar if I clean with it?

The vinegar smell is only there for a few seconds to a minute then it dissipates so your house won’t smell like vinegar. I wouldn’t use it if it did, lol.

There are great natural brands that are coming into the cleaning space. Once I have given some a try, I will let you know my honest thoughts. I don’t want to share any alternatives here because I haven’t tried them and without fully analyzing the ingredients, I won’t mindlessly share.

I know some “natural” cleaning products aren’t very natural at all and are just as harmful as the big-name products—be careful. Start with vinegar and work your way around.

2) Cookware can be toxic. Back in the day, cast iron ruled the kitchen.
Then non-stick cookware rolled into the market and erupted into the kitchens. The chemicals used to make non-stick cookware are dangerous to your health. In 2015, the government made it so manufacturers had to rid of one of the worst chemicals used to create the non-stick surface, but this didn’t solve the problem.

With cookware, you are definitely going to get what you pay for. I would suggest throwing your non-stick cookware out as fast as you possibly can and replace it with cast iron, stainless steel, or copper. Invest in your future health by watching what you cook your food on.

Cast iron is how I cook a majority of my food. I even have cast iron bread pans that I bake my bread in! I noticed how the metal in my bread pans continued to break down over time, and I wanted something that would last and didn’t have chemicals that would break down in my body.

What are the benefits of cast iron?

Cast iron isn’t made with harmful chemicals that the government has to recall, first and foremost. One of my favorite benefits of cast iron cookware is that cast iron gets better with time. The more you cook on it, season it, and use it the better it becomes and you can eventually pass it down in your family.

I wish I had my grandma’s cast iron pans, but I will be able to build mine up to what hers were over time. You can check out my benefits of cooking with cast iron and cast iron podcast episode.

3) Tap water is poison. This should be number one on the list of household toxins, but it isn’t the easiest to remedy. You can find the data for your tap water online, but all I have to say is: fluoride. Fluoride is one of the most toxic poisonous chemicals, and it is blasted into our tap water.

Why is fluoride in our tap water? We are told because it is to help our teeth. If the government really cared about our teeth, I think they would have more regulations when it comes to food….I don’t really think they care about our teeth.

So why does the government add fluoride to our water then if it’s extremely toxic to our bodies and health? I’ll let you research that.

What I have done to combat fluoride and other harmful chemicals in tap water is I invested in a Berkey water filter. The Berkey water filtration system was the best investment I made in my health when I lived in the city.

I still use the Berkey out on the homestead, but I have my own well and there is no added fluoride to my water! You may be wondering a few things: how does the Berkey water filter work? What does the Berkey water filter get out of tap water? Is the Berkey water filter worth it?

I got over these questions and more in this dedicated Berkey water filter review. Spoiler alert: The Berkey water filtration system is amazing, and I would recommend it!

Stop drinking tap water TODAY!

4) Dryer sheets and laundry detergent are, sadly, most of the time toxic. Like the many household cleaners, when you purchase the big name brands you are also buying into harmful chemicals that disrupt your body.

What is worse with the detergent and dryer sheets, though, is that you wash the cloths you wear, the towels you use, and the bedding you sleep in with these toxic chemicals. It appears as if you literally cannot escape the chemicals and they will consume you!

The good news is that you can save yourself and save money by making your own laundry detergent and dryer sheets!

How do you make your own laundry detergent?

I have a recipe for DIY laundry detergent here. The best part about this all natural homemade laundry detergent is that it has no harmful additives and no endocrine disrupters! You can even spruce it up with your choice of essential oils.

You can also use vinegar as a laundry detergent and vinegar-soaked cloths as dryer sheets. Seriously, vinegar saves the day so make sure you have some on hand!

5) The skincare items you use are, surprise surprise, toxic. A few years ago I got to reading the ingredients on my lotions I was using and discovered that I should probably not be lathering toxic chemicals on my skin. Is lotion toxic? It sure can be! You can make easy homemade lotion by following my DIY lotion recipe here.

One of the worst offenders for everyday toxins is sunscreen. I know, we are repeatedly told to put on sunscreen whenever we are in the sun—even the dermatologist will tell you to load up on sunscreen. 

Did you know that there is no proof that sunscreen prevents cancer? There is no proof—it is simply a claim. A claim that generates trillions of dollars for large companies, meanwhile skin cancer is on the rise (even with massive sunscreen use.)

Is sunscreen toxic?

I believe most sunscreens are toxic. Research the ingredients on the sunscreen you have sitting around and you will most likely find cancer causing chemicals hidden in your dermatologist-recommended cream!

Learn how to make your own sunscreen and follow my easy DIY sunscreen recipe. Better yet, acclimate your skin to the sun slowly over time, clean up your diet, and watch as you will burn less and your skin will naturally tan!

These areas are five easy areas to target and change up to become more toxin-free in your household and life. I have made the jump to the other side, and I don’t plan to look back anytime soon! 

You can learn to make your own skincare items, how to make sunscreen, how to cook with cast iron, and you can clean up your tap water by using a high-quality water filter! Treat your health special today and watch your future self flourish.

How To Live A Toxic-Free Lifestyle